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Here are some of our Testimonials

Here are some of our Testimonials

“I think the Future pathfinders staff where absolutely awesome the way they handle and treat their clients was nothing less of 5 stars they walk through with you every step of the way until you get a job. This was my first experience with future path finders and they helped find me a job. Keep up the excellent work.”
Abdi Hassan
“I have found my experience with Future Path Finders to be exceptional and extremely professional – both Alyssa and Ardy have assisted me and kept me informed every step of the way in my search for full-time suitable employment.

I was looking for a change of career and found that with other recruitment agencies they were keen to persuade me to accept a job within my previous field, as it was no doubt easier for them to find a job placement within the field I had previously worked and had experience in.
Not once did Future Path Finders try to sway my decision of a career change. In fact, they were extremely supportive and knowledgeable in facilitating this transition.

Within a few weeks Future Path Finders found me full-time employment in the field I had wanted to move into. Alyssa and Ardy went above and beyond to keep me updated and were honest and straight-forward every step of the way – from Information Session stage to the Interview process to Induction/Training and finally the Job Placement stage.

I look forward to continuing to work with Alyssa and Ardy in the future as my new career progresses.
I would highly recommend Future Path Finders to anyone who is seeking employment.”

Laura Jardine
“Without my dual course at ETEA in Light and Heavy Mechanics, I couldn’t find myself where I wanted to be. I know that nowadays you need a qualification and experience to get a stable job. We’ve all made a strong bond, between the teachers, students and even customers. I’ve learnt so much within the past few months. I’m excited to complete this course and see where the future will take me.”
Robert Al Rashoo
“I like the balance between theory and practical. During my time in doing my course in Diesel and General Mechanics, I’ve gained so much knowledge and skills. I’ve done other courses in the past, but none of them have had the workshop areas, or the variety of tools and equipment like ETEA has.”
Jesse Parbase
“I’m finding the training of my certificate III in Light and Heavy Mechanical to be well balanced with practical and theory. I’m very thankful for having this opportunity to expand my skills and gain experience. I look toward to working as a qualified mechanic on cars and trucks.”
David Dillion
“I am grateful for my certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanic. My life had no direction career wise and now I will be able to go on with future studies to obtain a trade qualification. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to go on Centrelink for the first time in my life. I hope that this never has to happen again with my new qualification that I will gain. I feel as though I have so much potential. Thanks to the government and teachers I have a pathway and direction for my future.”
Trudy Hancolk
“I’m currently undertaking a dual course of Petrol and Diesel Engineering. Prior to this course, I had no experience or skills that’ll enable me to meet the expected requirements. However, with the help of Future Path Finders. ETEA teachers and my fellow peers, I am now more confident, experienced, and dedicated to reaching the best of my ability. I am enjoying this course and I believe that I will endure to the end of this course and will be a certified, female mechanic. Thank you for this opportunity..”
Vise Peapea
“I have 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. I’ve worked for Ford for a large number of years as well as trucks. In all honestly, while completing my certificate III in Petrol and Diesel I have learnt so much during the few months, then I have in the last 20 years of working in the industry. ETEA has given me skills, knowledge and confidence. I recommend ETEA and Future Path Finders to anyone as they’re both so skilled and respectable. I have so much respect for both of the companies.”
Gary Kunnells
“During my time in completing a dual qualification in Light Vehicle and Heavy Commercial, it has extended my skills and knowledge. Even to the extent where I would have to take my own vehicle in to the workshops. I found that the teachers are very skilled, knowledgeable and very experienced. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to work in the automotive industry.”
Richard Lewaaka
“I’ve had experience in heavy machinery and cars prior to this course. But, after starting up to do my certificate III in Petrol and Diesel Engineering at ETEA, I now know that it just wasn’t enough. Since commencing my certificate I have learned so much. Thank you to Future Path Finders for giving me the chance to expand my knowledge and skills.”
Darcy Watson
“When I first started my dual certification at ETEA, I didn’t know how to change the oil. Now I’m replacing components on different styles of vehicles. The environment at ETEA feels like a family. We’re all there with the intention of gaining knowledge and experience. I would recommend this course to all my family and friends”
Patrik McNamara
“I’ve learnt more during my time at ETEA completing my certificate III in Light and Heavy Mechanics, than I have anywhere else. The environment is really good, as the teachers are helpful and ensuring that we all understand the theories and practical work.”
Binjamin Hido
“I have been doing my certificate III in Diesel Mechanic for one month now. With more and more diesel vehicles both cars and trucks coming on the road, its really beneficial for me to gain this qualification. Once I do complete my certificate, I know that I’ll be ready and have the required skills to work within the industry.”
Nathan Ballaro
“I would like to thank Future Path Finders and ETEA for giving me the opportunity to become successful in the future.”
Anthony Greco
“My dual qualification is very beneficial for me to gain knowledge and for my future. The mechanic industry is very hard to get into these days. I know with the skills and experience that I’ve gained throughout my time at ETEA it’ll be beneficial for me in my career..”
Raja Patel
“With 20% of vehicles on the road being diesel, I felt the need to get the proper qualification to support not only myself, but Australia as a nation. I took the opportunity to join ETEA the second it was presented to me. Thank you to Future Path Finders for giving me the opportunity to help myself and Australia too.”
Jordan Monk
“Since day one I haven’t had not one bad thing to say about Future Path Finders or ETEA. I’m so thankful I’m in the process of completing my dual course in petrol and diesel vehicles.”
Steven Szalo
“The teachers at ETEA are very polite and eager to assist in any difficulties I have had so far. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead in this course and aim to get the skills and confidence to work for a major company in the very near future. Thank you to Future Path Finders for introducing me to this course which has expanded my knowledge of what I thought I already knew.”
Jeff Scott
“I’m looking forward to completing my course at ETEA as it will provide a better future for my wife and two kids. ETEA has been a great experience for me as well as my peers. We’ve gained the knowledge and skills to pursue our dreams. Thank you to Future Path Finders for their help!”
Paul Blethan
“I’m currently completing a certificate III in both Heavy and Light Vehicles at ETEA. The reason why I wanted to do this qualification was to ensure a better future for myself. The balance between theory and practical is good as it gives students a better understanding of components that are being taught.”
Lutgollah Ojaimi
“Thank you to Future Path Finders for giving me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge for the future within the automotive industry.”
Hilal Sankari
“Prior to completing my dual course in petrol and diesel engineering, I had no skills in mechanics. During the short time have been enrolled in this course, I have learnt more than I thought. I am enjoying the course and I am certain by the end of it, I will be a certified mechanic.”
Roni Yokhana
“I have been in the work force for the past 11 years. During that time, I have found it very difficult to secure a stable job. My experience with previous agencies has been up and down, somewhat like a rollercoaster. Although I was always grateful to the agencies, it was still in my heart to pursue my career in mechanics. ETEA has given me a wide range of experience whether its classroom based or workshop based. Even after a hard day at work, myself and my peers come to ETEA with a positive attitude, as we all know that what we’re doing is right. I’m enjoying the learning process as well as pursuing my career in the mechanic’s industry.”
Aleta Loli
“Thank you to Future Path Finders for giving me this opportunity to complete my certificate III in Light Vehicle and Diesel Truck Mechanic. With two kids I was finding it hard to find a stable job to make money to feed them and pay for their education. This was mainly due to the fact that prior to meeting with Future Path Finders, I didn’t have the qualification that was needed for my chosen industry.”
Liuasi John Sheck
“I have a factory job where I get minimum wage. It is difficult to bring up 4 children with those circumstances. As a result, I decided I needed to change. I went to see Future Path Finders where they had given me a wide range of opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. I enrolled in the certificate III in Heavy and Light mechanics where I have learnt so much within the short period of time.”
Abu Sufian Ali
“I’ve learnt a lot in the past few months while completing my certificate III in Diesel Mechanics at ETEA. The course is conducted in both theory and practical lessons and hands on examples on vehicles and trucks that come on the regular basis.”
Edson Rushenga
“I was made redundant from my pervious job of 12 years. I was lucky to find this course in heavy and light mechanic. I’ve learnt so much within the past few months. The training and skills have given me so much confidence that I can achieve this goal of finishing this course and be able to apply what I have learnt to the work force.”
Geoffrey Tessensohn
“I have basic knowledge of the mechanic’s industry, however since doing my cert III in Mechanics (Light and Heavy), I’ve found a good balance between the theory side and the practical work with tools. I find it is structured well, my teachers and peers communicate the teachings very well. I’m looking forward to completing my certificate III and I’m certain this will give me a perfect start and I will be fully qualified for my future in the industry.”
Rodney Carlile
“Future Pathfinders enrolled me for a Certificate IV Engineering and Fabrication training and once I completed the course and received my certificate they were very efficient in finding me full time employment in a short period of time. I would say that they did an awesome job in getting me employed and now I have a full time job working for ABR Aviation.

I would like to thank Future Path Finders for reimbursing me with payments that I needed to pay for my pre-employment medical, tools and aviation security clearance.

I would highly recommend Future Path Finders to anyone who is looking for training and wishing to pursue a certain career.”

Chris Meafua
“I would like to thank Future Path Finders for helping complete my Certificate IV in Fabrication Engineering and now I have a career at the Melbourne Airport welding, not only did they get me the job they have reimbursed me every dollar I have spent (tools, medical bills and even my aviation security clearance) how cool is that!

I was like the rest of the guys that sign up, I was worried whether it was worth it, well its “WORTH IT” trust me its the best choice I’ve done in my life not just a life style change but a career in something that can only grow in Australia.

So Future Path Finders I say thank you so much for everything you guys have done.”

Kevin Walton
“Future Path Finders put me through Certificate IB in Fabrication Engineering at Baxters Institute in Dandenong.
Once course was completed, I returned to Future Path Finders for an interview in regards to work. Leni helped do up a resume for me. Leni started implementing procedures in regards to work.

Staff at Baxter Institute were very helpful during the course.

Future Path Finders have been very helpful in finding me a job that I enjoy in my trade where I also utilise my training. Jacqui found me a secure position with constant hours that pays well, working for a company that I enjoy being at and have a friendly workplace environment. My family is very happy with the role that Future Path Finders have secured for me. Jacqui and Leni were great in keeping me updated, and finding me a role that I can wake up every morning and look forward to.”

Greg Horne
“Future Path Finders has been a great assistance in providing me with opportunity of gaining my qualifications in the metal fabrication trade. They have been continuingly helping me to find work in this trade. At present I have had two short positions not to any fault of my own or Future Path Finders and I’m looking forward to working with both Jacqui and Leni in find the right/suitable job.

Jacqui and Leni are both extremely helpful to myself by promptly returning calls and always following up on interviews and temporary positions. They both are extremely positive and supportive and I look forward to working closer with them in the future.

Since Jacqui has started I have felt that she extremely useful to Leni by taking a lot of the load off Leni. She has a great personality and is very uplifting.

I haven’t spent a great amount of time with Leni and I put that down to her work load. However from what I have experienced I have found her extremely encouraging and supportive and l look forward to working with her more after the return of her holidays.”

Clifford Henderson
“I have found Future Path Finders and Baxter Institute to be very helpful with my course. I was impressed with how they recognised a flaw, and quickly worked to rectify it at the campus.

The teachers/trainers at Baxter are very intuitive, and good and training and keeping a respectable environment to learn in. I look forward to continuing my correspondence with Future Path Finders.

Thanks to Jacqui and Leni at Future Path Finders, I now have a local job in the manufacturing industry, providing me with experience that is essential to building a career.

I hope to continue working in conjunction with Future-Pathfinders, as without them, I would likely still be unemployed.”

Brenton Trotter
“I have found my experience with Future Path Finders very helpful – Leni and Jacqui keep me updated and are honest and straightforward.

They keep in contact with me on a regular basis and we keep each other informed. I am currently employed using my welding training, learning more, and I look forward to continuing work with Future Path Finders, as I believe they are supportive and will provide me with the best opportunities available for me.”

Amber Cattana
“Future Path Finders were great in assisting me to get a job, as I was previously unemployed. I have secure hours with overtime available. Jacqui and Leni have been very helpful in assisting me in employment and keeping on contact – I am very happy with the services they have provided me. I am relocating soon and am very excited about working with Leni, Jacqui and Future Path Finders to secure a new role interstate.”
Andrew Toms
“Very helpful in enrolling me in Cert IV Fabrication Engineering at Baxter. Great assistance in looking for work in the near future. Staff were friendly and supportive”
Jarryd Harding-Smith
“The staff at the Institute are very friendly and professional. I enjoy the challenge of the course and I learn a lot.”
Patrizio Sedita
“I completed the Fabrication Engineering program at Baxter Institute in North Melbourne through Future Path Finders, which was government funded and fast-tracked to just under six months. This training and the qualification I received has set me up for a career in the Mining, Oil and Gas and Rail and Construction industry.

When I finished my training times were a little tough in the industry but I used my initiative and found a mining position in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Future Path Finders were fantastic as they covered my relocation expenses so that I could secure the position. Future Path Finders made it all so easy for me.

“The Future Path Finders team have gone out of their way to support and guide me in gaining skills and knowledge needed to work in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Rail and Construction Industry.”

James Gannon
“I’m very happy with the training that Future Path Finders found for me and the effort that they go to find me work.”
Joshua Monahan
Firstly I would like to thank you and Roua for all your assistance in obtaining this position at IQM Services. I understand the difficulty in the current climate in finding me this position.

I can highly recommend this company and especially Shakira in helping find a job. Not only did she do this once but when the company I was working for down sized and I was made redundant she helped me find my current position. She was helpful, honest and always stayed in contact with me to see how I was going. This personal touch made me feel that I was not just a statistic or number but a real person. She chased up employers and helped me in applying for positions, even contacting employers and recommending me. I could not be happier with the way Shakira and Roua have conducted themselves with efficiency and professionalism. They always respond promptly to my calls or emails with any of my queries and do this politely and honestly.
Even now that I am working she has checked how I am going and if I am happy. Again I would like to thank you both for all your help .

Stan Jakubowski